There are a tremendous amount of incredible organizations currently making great strides in a wide array of areas pertaining to the oceanic and environmental issues. Be it zero waste and sustainability, research in marine life and oceanic conservation, educational programs or even policy change. We are here to provide support both with resources and funding to ensure the continuation of other organizations that are dedicated to the prosperity to coastal areas, oceans, and all things blue. …..or green.

They say that children are our future. And we tend to agree. This is why we strive to enhance all environmental and sustainability centered educational programs for children. We want kids not just in coastal communities but everywhere to be engaged, interested and passionate about the environment, the ocean and about ensuring the future of our planet. By aiding in educational programs focused on environmental information we hope to educate children on the importance of Eco-friendly decisions. We want kids to find nature, the ocean and environment fascinating and to develop a passion for it.

We take great pride in our hands-on cleaning efforts. We work closely with organizations dedicated to particular clean up initiatives. These clean ups are typically within particular reefs or coastal areas. For instance, besides reef clean ups, or shore clean ups in the Bahamas, we have partnered with Charm City Sports Association to do a semiannual coastal clean-up. This allows their athletes to engage in coastal, and shore line clean ups.

Our relief initiative is designed to help areas affected by a crisis, specifically coastal communities hit my natural disasters such as hurricanes. When disasters strike it is imperative to respond as quickly as possible. Not only do we deploy our own hands own team who often help with evacuations, and rescue, we also help with supplies, transporting resources and working with organizations that have years of experience in disaster relief. We understand the importance of working together for a common good. It’s this mindset that drives us to make sure we help organizations continue the work they do during times of hardship. We vet organizations thoroughly prior to providing funding and resources.