About Us


It started with a seal.

The name Ronan means little Seal. And that was our founders’ first son’s name. Although he passed away, Katie and Fain Moran felt it vital to keep Ronan’s spirit alive through helping with issues currently facing the oceans, all creatures that call it home and the coastal communities that depend on it.

Sea the Shore was founded to ensure the future of our coastlines, reefs, and oceans. We wanted to help organizations, coastal communities and provide any resources, support and funding we could to the numerous organizations trying to make a difference. Currently millions of tons of plastics enter the oceans annually. This epidemic affects all forms of life. Coastal communities all over the world are affected by environmental issues, be it man made or natural.
Sea the Shore was driven by passion for the sea, inspired by a mother’s love for a son and ultimately started on a secluded cay in Exuma. The Bahamas is what made us realize we needed to make sure the beauty that is the ocean, remains.